We all like talking about the weather and sometimes I'm asked the question "can you clean windows in the rain?" and I answer a resounding "YES" and there are perfectly valid reasons why it's ok to wash windows in the rain. Firstly we use a pure water deionized system where we rinse off any residue to leave a sparkling clear finish, any droplets left on the glass dry off crystal clear!  Rain falls down and unless it's blowing a gale the windows will look fabulous. If it is blowing a gale I will let you know that it's not a good day. In addition, I don't use ladders so it's totally safe for me to work. Try and look at it like this, what happens if I clean your windows on a fantastic sunny day in the morning and in that same afternoon a huge downpour happens? The last point I would like to make here is my window cleaning business is made up of carefully planned "rounds" or "routes" and I simply cannot put off cleans on a regular basis. If you are only interested in getting your windows cleaned on a sunny day or what we call a one-off basis then that's fine and I can quote you for that. Because of my "round" "route" type of business, you may be best off hiring a window cleaner who can accommodate you if you may want to put off cleans on a regular basis. 

In summary, I can tell you that I have many many customers who love the results we give, I guarantee my work and if I think it's not good enough I will let you know and you can too :) I care about my quality of work and about what my customers think. 

I hope that helps you :)


lets make your place smile while caring for our environment in Cornwall

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To provide a valuable experience for you my customer
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