Regular customers 

I price cleans on carefully planned rounds and frequency. When we agree on a weekly/bi-weekly/four-weekly clean I can't move or suspend your cleans unless you provide at least 7 days' notice, you may have building work, etc., and that's totally understandable. I don't experience this very often but when I do it throws a big spanner in the works!

I will only move a clean due to weather ie. high winds and driving rain or other mitigating circumstances. I will clean on the next appropriate day and your regular cleans will resume as normal, that's how I can keep my pricing where it is. If you request a suspension or change of frequency I will have the right to change my pricing accordingly and I may offer your cleaning slot to a person on my waiting list anof course, you can locate another window cleaning firm.

I will always keep you updated if there are any changes either by email, phone, or in person. Please bear in mind I have a business to run and I will always be respectful and I will try my best to accommodate you.

I use a pure water system and it gives amazing results I often hear people say my windows look fantastic, even on the fourth week! they look that way because I am keeping them maintained on a regular basis. You will notice a detrimental difference in their appearance by extending the cleaning interval. 


Unless agreed by me I am unable to offer terms or a credit facility on services performed. Payment is due within 24 hours. I accept, cash, cheque, and BACs.  I reserve the right to suspend future cleans and charge interest & late fees on overdue balances. Basically, if you have a requirement that needs a payment extension I am happy to accommodate. I always text ahead on cleans so please let me know if you have issues with paying a bill within 24 hours, its a big NO NO if after the clean you message "Thanks I'll pay you when I get paid" if I know what's going on we can all be happy! :)

Quality Control

I take pride in my work and make every effort to make sure it's done to a very high standard. In the unlikely event that something isn't right please notify me within 24 hours of the clean and I will put it right. After 24 hours I won't be able to assist as to much time has gone by and other reasons may have caused an issue.

That's the legal jargon over with! in essence, it's really straight forward but it is needed to outline these terms, let's all have a very nice and easy life :)

Questions? give a call or message me on 077 342 329 24