About Us

Your Local Window Cleaning Services is owned and run by me Ian Foster. Born in Helston I love the area that I live in and the people that I am fortunate to know and work for. In early 2020 I became one of the statistics of the covid 19 pandemic and was made jobless! Fortunately, I have great friends and family and decided to go it alone launching my own window cleaning business. I trained with a large successful window cleaning business in Norfolk for a month, invested in high-quality equipment, launched my website, and started a training program with Outset Cornwall who is amazing. Outset is fantastic to work with, they have provided me with support and training on how to run a business properly. My main focuses are providing fantastic customer service and a quality clean each and every time. I know my service is quite simply excellent and I can say that because I provide excellent communication and treat every one of my customers like I would want to be treated. 

What you will receive by using my services is quality, value for money, and excellence. I guarantee my work and I want you to be happy you chose me and I want to work with my fellow window cleaners out there. In fact, if you already have a window cleaner I would love for you to stay with them.

I support my local community by shopping locally, buying as much as I can without going online and I like to surf! I am also dancing in the Helston Flora Day dance in 2021 and I super excited about that!

So there you have it, that's me in a nutshell more or less! So if you are looking for a brilliant window cleaner call me on 077 342 329 24

With thanks to

Kevin Lappage in Norfolk

 And most importantly you,  my customers! 

lets make your place smile while caring for our environment in Cornwall

Mission Statement

To provide a valuable experience for you my customer
and make you happy that you chose your local window cleaning services and you
want me to come back to work on your home and business:)