Introduction To Pure Water Cleaning

What is Pure Water Window Cleaning?

We only use captured rainwater that has been filtered through a purification system, to remove all the natural minerals. This water is often described as ‘deionized water’ due to the type of filtration used. The reason for this is that pure water dries to leave a completely crystal clear finish, as opposed to general tap water that dries to leave minerals on the windows, which is the reason for hard water stains and unsightly white spotting. To give you an idea tap water in Cornwall has quite clean water with about on average 90 parts per million of TDS (total dissolved solids) rainwater has about 16 TDS due to environmental pollution. The water I use on your windows has ZERO TDS. We are also super proud of our system which is a British design and manufactured by X-Line Systems.

When applied to Window Cleaning, using pure water means that there is no need to squeegee the water from the window. Providing you have agitated (scrubbed) the dirt and rinsed the window thoroughly, you can leave it wet! Find out more about pure/deionized water here ->



Here’s an overview of how the process works:


  • Agitating the dirt!

Once water is purified, it is ready to clean with. However it’s not just a case of ‘splash & dash’, there is some know-how required. The first step is to agitate (scrub) the windows with a water-fed pole & brush designed specifically for the task. By scrubbing the windows you’re loosening any dirt or build upon the window, frame, and surrounding plastics.


  • Effective Rinsing

Rinsing the loosened dirt and debris is important, as anything except pure water left on the window will ruin the perfect finish. The deionized water will attract the dirt and minerals scrubbed from the window, creating a non-pure solution. This needs to then be rinsed thoroughly from the window, leaving only Pure Water left to dry clear in a matter of minutes (the same applies to sills and frames).

***If you are new to having your windows cleaned by water-fed pole - pure water you will love the results and over time it just gets better. The first clean is good but the 2nd and 3rd really bring up the gleam and shine to the glass***

When needed we also use a backpack water delivery system for those hard-to-reach areas.

So there you have it, we use nature combined with technology to give a fantastic finish that is super environmentally and pet-friendly! 

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