Algae on buildings, cladding, gutters, downpipes, rendered walls, fences and walls makes them look unsightly and algae on paths and driveways can make them very slippery which can be a real safety risk. Algae can only be present where there is a consistent moisture source and it finds its way onto your property via its spores being spread by the elements.

Algae on Buildings & Rendered Walls, UPVC-cladding, concrete

Algae will only be present on surfaces that are regularly fed via a water source or prolonged wet weather but to survive and grow they need a regular moisture source. The most common provider of moisture and water for sustaining the algae is via blocked and/or broken guttering, building detail that allows water to fall directly onto a surface, coping stones that do not afford the correct overhang or allow capillary action and general building maintenance issues. We have been very successful in the removal of green and red algae, black algae tends to stain making it very difficult for complete removal but it generally looks a lot better once it has been treated. We carry out treatment on homes, commercial buildings and shops. 

Common Misconceptions – No Need to Decorate

Often customers believe that they must redecorate their buildings to remove the problem but often, this will just mask the problem and the algae will reoccur so it ends up being a very expensive exercise. In addition to this, many people do not realize what is sustaining the algae on their building or walls so whatever they do, if the cause is not solved, the algae will probably return. One of the other regular considerations is pressure washing. This can have some effect on green algae but it will probably just lighten red algae and not affect the black algae too much. Pressure washing can also be very damaging to buildings and structures and can sometimes cause other problems.

Exclude. Wash. Rinse – Soft Washing, Pre-treatment and low pressure washing

We have a simple approach to algae treatments which is Exclude, Wash & Rinse

Exclude – The first step of our process is to understand what is keeping the algae alive and then recommend what can be done to help prevent the water feed source. Sometimes it can just be walls that are poor at shedding water and thus naturally provide a good breeding ground.

Wash – We then apply our products which is non-aggressive biocide which leaves no durable environmental footprint and is safe for us, the customer, and domestic animals. We apply it using specialized equipment which we will either lightly spray it on or brush it onto the walls. The algae normally dies quickly and our product then breaks down and any residues are then absorbed by bacteria.

Rinse – Depending on the situation, we will normally rinse off any residues. We then let nature take its course and the algae will disappear. Green algae normally disappears with 2-3 days, red takes 2-3 weeks and black can take a bit longer and will sometimes require an additional spot treatment to more stubborn areas.

Rest assured when you call us we can pop by and take a look and give you the advice you can understand and work with.

We use English products made by APT.