Looking for a unique gift idea?

Here's a unique gift that your friend or loved one will LOVE! You can purchase a one-off window clean for anyone in our area which covers Helston down to Mullion, Marazion, and Hayle. This voucher will give a full window clean to the recipient which includes our normal gold service level which is frames washed down, doors washed, glass washed and sills wiped!

One-off cleans start at £25 and that covers a standard 3-bed semi house/bungalow. I can make all the arrangements meaning I will make contact with the person and let them know they have a gift voucher clean and make the appointment or you can do it yourself. These gift vouchers are super popular and the recipients love their windows being cleaned for their birthday, anniversary, etc.  or just as an "I love you" 

I print out the voucher put it inside a card with your message and hand it to them on the day of the clean :)

Simply fill in this form below or call me on 077 342 329 24  and I will take care of the rest and arrange the date and time to suit them. Payment is easy as we accept cash or BACs. I will only contact them after I have permission from you.


or call/text on 077 342 329 24