conservatory valeting specialists

It is recommended that conservatories are valeted every two to three years or so depending on how much you use them.

A thorough conservatory valet prevents the accumulation of dirt and improves the aesthetics and the feel. A good conservatory valet transforms your conservatory back to the fresh state it was when you first lovingly had it built.

Consequently, conservatory valeting is a premium service. Due to the nature and complexity of cleaning conservatories, specialist knowledge, procedures, and equipment is required.

We at Your Local Window have mastered the format of a fantastic clean. When we arrive at your property to quote we discuss with you what our service involves and what your requirements are. On the day of the clean, we remove all of your treasures carefully and cover them if needed often putting them in a suitable space in your home or on a suitable day outside. 

what do we do?

We start on the inside removing from top to bottom all the nasty things nature has left behind, each crevice is cleaned by hand and we use a vacuum to get in the difficult-to-reach places. We then wipe down with a natural citrus cleaner the struts, supports, and fascias and finally clean the glass leaving it sparkling and smelling fresh. Finally, on the inside, we clean the floor. Onto the outside, we prepare the entire with a citrus degreaser and wash all the dirt away using a soft sill brush with pure water. We then move on to the glass making it sparkle. Before we are ready to move everything back in we inspect the entire job and detail finish. Then it's back to normal for you to enjoy. One thing is for certain we are specialists at cleaning conservatories and you will notice the difference.

how long does it take?

Each clean is different but for a smaller conservatory, it will take two of us 3 to 4 hours. We have worked on very small projects and enormous ones to include an orangery! 

what chemicals do we use?

We are proud to say we don't use anything harmful to you, creatures, plants or the environment, we use a powerful natural citrus cleaner that is pleasant to smell. In addition, we use tap water for the rinse stage outside and pure water for the glass inside and out. 

what does it cost?

Each conservatory is different and it's best to ask Ian to come by and give a free and friendly estimate and give you more information. To give you an idea a small job starts at around £200.

what our customers say!

Coleen H in Helston

"Ian and Jenny were punctual, professional and my conservatory is like new"

Angela C in Ashton

"my conservatory is now spotless, they were totally professional and I recommend them to all of my friends"

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So give us a call and we will make you and your conservatory very happy!

Mobile 077 342 329 24 ask for Ian