Your Local Window Cleaning Services - Data Protection Statement

The new General Data Protection Regulation 2018 became law on 25th May in that year. In order to comply with the regulation, we need to inform you about what personal data I collect and what I do with it.

I am Ian Foster trading as “Your Local Window Cleaning Services” and am classified as a Data Controller. If you have any questions about my use of your personal data please contact me in whatever way is most convenient for you; please see the contact details below.

The types of data I collect and use may include, but is not limited to:-
Your name, address, telephone number, and email address. I will normally acquire this information directly from you but if I obtained that information from somebody else I will normally inform you and ask you to confirm the details are correct.

Using your personal data: the legal basis and purpose
I will process your personal data in the following ways:

a) When you exercise your rights under data protection laws and make requests for information.
b) For compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and relative disclosures.
c) For establishment and defense of legal rights.
d) For the prevention, detection, and investigation of crime.
When you request me to disclose your personal data to other businesses or organizations, such as other traders and service providers. You are free to change your mind and withdraw your consent at any time but that may mean that I can’t do certain things for you.

Sharing your personal data
Subject to applicable data protection laws I may share your personal data with law enforcement or court order if I am required by law to do so.

International transfers
Your personal data may be transferred outside the U.K. and European Economic Area. While some countries have adequate protections for personal data under their applicable laws, in other countries it will be necessary to take additional steps to provide appropriate safeguards. I will always use my best endeavours to secure your personal information, which may include imposing contractual obligations or requiring the recipient to subscribe to or be certified with, an appropriate international framework of protection.

Retention of information
I will only retain any personal information for as long as it is necessary to support my legitimate business interests and to comply with legal, regulatory and statutory obligations.

Your rights under the new law:
The General Data Protection Regulation 2018 gives you a number of rights including:

You have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office, which has the power to investigate and enforce compliance with data protection law. To find out more about your rights with regard to data protection please go to

Contact details: -
Ian Foster trading as Your Local Window Cleaning Services, Great Works, Ashton, Cornwall TR13 9TQ
Telephone 077 342 329 24